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Solutions advanced heating systems
Radiofrequency Dryer Machine

Radiofrequency Dryer Machine

Cool drying/heating by Radio Frequency technology.


Drying of any rod product by water evaporation.




Cool drying, no overheating of the product during drying.


The RF machine, designed and made to generate the process of dielectric heating, has the scope to dry and age the filter rods produced by the upstream machine.


The filter rods pass through the RF unit on a motorised conveyor where the drying process occurs.


After the drying process, the filter rods can be directly delivered to the downstream machine.

Induction Heating System

Induction Heating System

Induction heating is a contactless technique for heating conductive materials by an external high-frequency power source.


The efficiency of induction heating is very high because the energy is used to heat the tank directly, unlike the classic methods that heat a resistance and then, by contact, the tank.


Almasens developed heating systems for tanks, proper to melt pellets and/or maintaining a stable temperature of the product.


The tank is removable and washable very easily since there are no electrical connections.