AlmaSens is a division of  Montrade S.p.A
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Solutions industry 4.0


AlmaSens offers a wide range of solutions to implement a real Industry 4.0 system. 


We have several platforms to collect and organise data for both real-time and off-line analysis

(statistics, min-max evaluation, standard deviation, etc.).


 Our firm commitment is to design and develop customised solutions to bring your industry a step forward!

Data Collection System


Installation on most common PLC technologies and OS.


Sampling data at a very high speed over long periods, months, and years.


Exporting data in text files for remote analysis.


Easy to use interfaces.

Sensor Control and Analysis


Almasens Sensors Interfaces are always accessible by the mean of common Ethernet TCP/IP protocol.


Remote control for configuration, run-time data visualization and logging.


Remote assistance is guaranteed for each product labelled as Industry 4.0 Compliant.

Remote Systems Analysis


Ad-hoc solutions for remote data collection and analysis on third party systems.

Wireless connected HMI


Remote control of any Machine Process based on high-speed Wi-Fi connected industrial Tablet