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BOREA is the only true cold plasma with a flat application available!



Borea, Almasens 'True-Cold Plasma Technology, significantly improves the materials' capabilities.


Unlike the other plasma technologies, Borea works at room temperature, has excellent performance, no heating of the product and no risks of damaging it!


AlmaSens has acquired a specific competence in developing Plasma sources and generators and participates, with its products, in several types of research conducted by CNR and Universities in different sectors.


We constantly study and design new solutions for each application with a view to flexibility.


True-Cold Plasma technology applies to many fields:


  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Bacteriology
  • Mycology
  • Textile Industrial
  • Sterilisation and Disinfection
  • Batteries Li-Ion electrodes and separators
  • and more...

About the plasma we create...

The non-thermal atmospheric plasmas (also called cold plasmas) are part of the plasmas family that are ionized gases with collective behaviour.

In particular, cold plasmas are characterized by: high temperatures of electrons, relatively low ion temperatures and partial ionization.


The characteristic of cold plasmas is the presence of excited molecules and neutrals atoms with intense chemical reactivity.


For these characteristics, cold plasmas can bring significant benefits in industrial and biological applications, including constructing printed circuit boards, special material deposits, reducing pollutants, sanitizing and disinfection, and more recent medical and agriculture applications.


Each application requires a specific source design (geometry and materials of the applicator) and careful tuning of the electronic generator.



A specific example of application of AlmaSens Plasma


The BOREA cold plasma has been successfully applied to bio-agriculture.


Indeed, thanks to its unique properties, our plasma can treat vegetable seeds to enhance their growth characteristics.

It has been proven that the plants treated with our BOREA plasma grow more robust and faster without any poisons or fertilisers.


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